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The travels of the "Leah Gent"


6/28/04  We entered the state of Delaware today on the C&D canal. The trip through the canal was nice and quiet. We only passed one ship in the 10 mile leangth of the canal. Paul Esterle came by the boat to say goodby. He was a big help while we were in Cheasapeke City. See the Maryland page for the details. Paul is a well published writer and I hope I encourged him to put some words to paper about our journey and boat. We took a tour of the canal operations center where they have cameras for the leangth of the canal to control ship traffic. 8,000 ships and tugs and barges pass thru the canal every year taking goods between Philly and Baltimore. It must get busy!!
We are tied up in Delaware City tonight in a side canal. Fuel is expensive!! $2.42 per gallon. We had a nice bike ride out to Fort Dupont. The buildings are run down but it still has the look and feel of a military place. Pizza for dinner. They have a crab house here but I think I'm crabed out after eating the critters for the last 10 days straight. I can't wait till we get to the Erie Canal so I can get started on my second favorite dish, French onion soup. Every resturant up there has their own version. We head to Cape May, New Jersey tomorrow if the Delaware Bay doesn't do us in on the way. Long trip with lots of wide water and not many places to escape to if the weather goes bad.

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