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The travels of the "Leah Gent"

The last page

4/29/05   We are in South Harbor Marina in Southport, NC. We decided to pay for a month due to our need to be in Wilmington for our son in law's graduation with his masters degree in education on the 7th of May. One tip for cruisers is to check the price of dockage if you are going to be at one place for more than a few days. In our case it was cheaper to rent a slip for a month than to pay for 2 weeks. It saved us about $100 doing it that way and we have the choice to stay or go after the graduation. I did have to buy a 50 to 30 amp adapter to hook onto the electric at the permenant docks instead of the 30 amp at the transient docks but at least I'll have the adapter if I need it again. One thing this marina does not have is a Wi-Fi connection so it's back to the cell modem to check mail. I'm using the computers at the library to update the web site. Our trip north from Myrtle Beach went quick. We were in a group of boats that were waiting out the weather and it seems we all moved at once. I miss the sense of community now that they have all moved on. A truck damaged a bridge in Savahanah, Georgia a few hours after we went under it and now that bridge is unable to open for boat traffic. We were lucky to make it when we did because they closed the bridge later that day to all boat traffic. They finally were letting boats that could clear 24' under but that ment all the sailboats headed north are waiting on the south side of that bridge. Their only way north at this point is to do a 90 mile trip out in the ocean to Charleston if I understand correctly. I'm glad once more that we are in our boat instead of a sailboat or tall power boat!!  I'm in the process of getting all the paper work together to apply for a Merchant Mariner's Liscense to work with the Ferry system in NC. Lot's of paperwork and documentation to be done.
5/03/05  We see a lot of different things on the water but one of the best yet happend the other night while we were walking out to the boat after dinner. We noticed people on the dock looking at the night sky. We thought they were just looking at the stars until we noticed a light in the sky that had a parabolic shape around it.  It looked to me moving fast even at that extreme altitude and then suddenly it broke in two with a bright star burst like that of a fireworks display. While searching the news the next day for an explanation I found that NASA had launched a Titan 4 rocket from Cape Canaveral and what we had seen was the last stage seperating from the payload. What a show!  Another thing we heard this week was that some fisherman had picked up a pair of kids on a Sunfish sailboat about 7 miles off Cape Fear and they were still alive. Seems that these were the same kids that we had heard about on the VHF radio as we were leaving Charleston a week ago and now they had been found clinging to a 14' Sunfish sailboat seven days and more than 100 miles from where they had been reported lost. They had survived by eating raw jellyfish and drinking sea water. Given the very bad weather we had seen the week they were missing it's truly a blesssing for their families that the sea had given them back alive.
5/12/05  We are tied at the town docks in Beaufort and enjoying the boats and people. This is still one of the best stops on the waterway. We are only 25 miles from Oriental and the end of our trip. It's been a great year and we will miss being on the water. We will be here for 2 nights and then it's off to Oriental and the end of our trip. But wait, there's still 2 days left to enjoy!! I'll close this page when we get home.
5/17/05  Our year long cruise has come to an end with our arrival back in Oriental, the place were this adventure started last June. Debbie and I had crossed the Neuse River and were heading up Smith Creek when it hit us. We were done. I wish I had chilled a bottle of bubbly for the occasion but the Coronas in the fridge would have to do. My Grandparents had done this trip in 1941 before GPS, reliable outboard motors and Sea Tow and now we have retraced their route and then some. How I wish they were still around to be a part of this. They would have gotten a kick out of it all. Their spirit has taken us to places we might have passed by and we are the better for it. I always wondered why they embarked on some of the adventures they did and now I have the answer. I wonder if some day my grandkids will tell stories about us as we do about them. I hope so.
I'm sitting in the kitchen at home, 340 miles from the boat, wondering how she is floating without us aboard to watch her. It's nice, make that different, to sit here with all this space that living on shore affords us. One year gone. I tell people it's like we just went to the store to pick up a gallon of milk and came right back.  Good for me Debbie kept a journal of all of it so I can look back on this fine year when I need to some day. Our trip took in 4,513 miles at an average speed of 6.5 miles per hour. Cost: priceless!  Thanks go to my parents, Toni and Dick Indicott for taking care of things while we were gone. Tom Lathrop for finding us a dock and Mark Van Abbema for drawing the plans for such a wonderful boat. It's kept us safe and served us well. We have the boat for sale, not that there is any thing wrong with it as some have asked but because I belive that boats are met to move, not sit at a dock. We hope to get in a short trip to Cape Lookout and Oacracoke Island before it sells but we'll see. The boat itself is ready for another east coast trip tomorrow if anyone has the urge to go. Debbie and I plan to do some land cruising this summer but I'm sure we will head toward the water. We always do.  Thanks for following our dream with us. I hope you have enjoyed reading about it as much as we have enjoyed living it. See you on the water.
Brad and Debbie Indicott
If you made it this far, send us an email if you have any questions.

Rush hour at Sunset Beach pontoon bridge

Our neighbor for the night.

Smith Creek. Our final destination

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