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The travels of the "Leah Gent"


Gerogia on my mind

 10/29/04    We left Beaufort, SC. and were in Georgia in short order. Our next stop is St. Simon Island. We anchored out in the Herb River just south of Savannah.
10/30/04 We anchored at behind Sapelo Island in the Duplin River.
10/31/04  Arrived at St. Simon Island and Golden Isles Marina for the night. We borrowed the courtesy car from the marina and took a tour of the island to get the photos to go in the scrap book that Debbie is making. Groceries are on the expensive side here so we will only get what we need.
11/1/04   We read in Skipper Bob's cruising guide that if we encountered a submarine coming or going from the base at King's Bay that we would be delayed. Wouldn't you know it, we pulled up to the channel to cross King's Bay and here comes a huge submarine with all the security that the Coast Guard and Navy have. Low flybys from the Coast Guard helicopters and lots of guns a stuff. We were delayed for a while but worth the wait.   We were going to head to Ameila Island but took a side trip to St. Marys, Georgia. St. Marys is a very nice little town that has a very laid back attitude.
The cruising guide said they had a free dock and we made our landing (crash landing) in a strong crosswind and opposing current at what we thought was the free dock. Turns out is was the launching ramp but no one seemed to care. The free dock was next to it we found out later. We toured downtown, all 6 blocks worth, had lunch and then anchored out for the night. One of the best things that can happen when anchoring out is to have the anchor set in soft mud on the first try and plenty of room to swing so as to only need one anchor. St. Marys has both and the wind died just after dark and we slept oh so well.
Just a note here. Sometimes I get film back and put pictures up on this web page at a later date. Check back sometimes and you'll find new stuff, even if we are a state or two away. A lot of it depends on how fast the internet connection is when I feel like updating the site.

This way to Florida

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