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Brad's Boats (Building & cruising the "Leah Gent")

August/September 02'

Got the cloth and epoxy on the port side today. The temp was in the low 80's which makes for a better epoxy day.  We will be moving our daughter to Pittsburg this weekend to start 4 more years of college. She will be a dentist when she gets done there.  It will be a week or two before I get much done on the boat.
Finished putting the cloth on the hull this weekend. You can see the picture below without the epoxy applied yet.  The xynole has been nice to work with. It doesn't have any of the itch that is associated with fiberglass cloth and is stronger also. Washed the whole boat Sunday to get the amine blush off from the epoxy so as not to have any problems with the rest of the epoxy work.  It's a good feeling to know that I could put it in the water and it would float at this point. It rained 4" Saturday night in Hickory and I was thinking.........lots of rain, boat on top of a mountain.......................sounds familar. Now where did I put that pair of animals??

port side with xynole and epoxy

Xynole fabric before epoxy is applied

We had a wonderful family reunion this weekend with 72 in attendance. Found some old pictures of my Grandfather's 36' wooden power boat. Seems they did a family trip from Ohio to South Florida in the 1940's before it was a popular (and easy) trip. I guess I have inherited this wooden boat bug.
We did a little sanding and finished taping the port chine a second time. We also got the third coat of epoxy on the port side. I put a second layer of  xynole on the bottom bow section about 4 feet back from the stem for added protection since this will be the first thing to hit the beach. More sanding to be done this week.
Things are shaping up.  I put the last coat of epoxy and filler on the bottom of the hull in preperation for the epoxy/copper bottom coating. I am probably spending too much time and money on the bottom but if it gets another knot because of the extra work it will be worth it.  Cool weather has set in and we will spend this weekend getting as close to painting as possible.  I'll put up some new pictures as soon as I have something to take a picture of.  This part of boatbuilding is not very photogenic. The epoxy is clear and unless you get very close you really don't see any change. Keep checking back anyways..............

Spent the weekend getting the skegs glued up but I'm not happy with the result and may remake them this week. You can see in the picture where I set them on the hull to see how they look. I think I will beef them up a bit just in case the boat has to sit on them when it dries out. We also put on the epoxy/microballoon mixture to fair the hull. The bottom is almost completly sanded and ready for the bottom paint.

Finally got the skegs on the bottom of the hull. We spent the weekend sanding, again. The skegs turned out better than I expected. I'm good with right angles and such but the skegs are more abstract. Get one like you want and then try to make the other one look the same. If the second one looks better then you rework the first one to look like the second one, and so on........  I think they are almost the same now. Because the boat will sit on them at low tide I made them very sturdy. 2x10 yellow pine, ripped and stack laminated worked fine. I lack a little sanding and they will be ready to bottom paint. Check out the pictures on this page.
Finally, the bottom is done and the epoxy/copper was applied over the weekend. I still have to wet sand but from initial tests the bottom will end up glass smooth after we wet sand. The color is copper as predicted. I didn't know if I would like the color but it is very pleasent. One side is almost ready for paint. I expect the paint to arrive any day now.  We will be going with Interlux Old Hatteras off white for the sides. I suspect there are less expensive paints but I really like that color. There are over 200 different shades of white last I checked!  I will be fishing the US Open King Mackeral Tournament this weekend at the coast so the boat will wait till next week. If we catch the big fish I will be able to pay for the whole boat project! Odds are 1 in 525.......

October/November 02'

Microballons and epoxy for a fairing compound

Picture of skegs from the stern

Picture of the skegs glassed on the bottom of the hull


Marking the waterline with the laser level.
Copper/epoxy antifoulant before wet sanding