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Brad's Boats (Building & cruising the "Leah Gent")

April 04'

There's a launching in the works..........

4/1/04      Well, this is going to be the last month of construction pages to look at. I promise!!  The boat is set to be loaded on the trailer next Thursday and launched the following day at about 4:00pm or so. It kind of feels like we are having another child. According to my brother, Rob, it costs about the same too. He has 4. Kids, not boats. I've been busy trying to make my list of 52 "to do" items into as few as possible. We are into prioritizing things into "must do before launch" and "can do later". I think we'll make it. Skip Sinclair has been a huge help with some of the wiring chores. Thanks Skip!!  The solor panels will be here Monday. We will have 240 watts on the roof and that should allow us considerably more freedom to stay away from the marinas and still not be energy hermits. I got the name and number graphics from the sign shop today and have been busy making the mahogany name boards for them to go on. It's cold up here in the mountains and threatening snow but once again so it's tough to work on the exterior but the weather man is promising warn temps next week for the launch. The roof comes off the boat shed on Saturday to get the boat out. Then it's hurry up and wait till the truck gets here.  I can almost taste the champane!!  This is worse than a kid waiting for Christmas!!

There goes the roof

4/3/04    We took the roof off the boat shed today in anticipation or the move next week. It was suprising to see the whole boat in the daylight for the very first time. It's amazing how much light comes into the cabin now. I am really glad we went with the tinted windows after all. It would have been blinding without them I think.  Debbie took everything out of the boat except the dust. I can collect "stuff" even on a boat. I'll need to break that habit soon. We put the first coat of red paint on the rest of the cabin floor before we left for home. A second coat tomorrow should finish it off. Tomorrow we take the matress, curtains, carpets cushions. I'll post a picture of what should be the finished interior(if you don't look in the closets) tomorrow night if I get time.

First time in total daylight.

4/4/04     The interior is done. The pictures below are of the finished cabin. It all turned out nice. We had seven people in the cabin today at the same time. Someone said that the perfect boat parties 6, dines 4 and sleeps 2. I think that we may have the perfect boat! It's hard to get a good view of the inside of the cabin because I can't stand back far enough to get it all in the picture but these are the best I have. Enjoy!


Debbie had this neat commission log made


It's all downhill from here.





Fish in the shower.

On blocks waiting for the trailer


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