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Brad's Boats (Building & cruising the "Leah Gent")

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After having the cruise of a lifetime the Leah Gent has been sold. It is the final chapter of our 3 year adventure to build, cruise and enjoy our dream. We hope to build a 24-28' trailer cruiser in the not to distant future. Stay tuned..........

Update: 11-21-2010 I keep getting asked when I will build the next boat? It looks like the answer will be "just after Christmas!" My friend, Martyn has asked me to help him build a Joel White designed Haven 12 1/2. It's to be a 16' daysailor with very classic lines. Maybe when we get done Martyn will help me build the 28'er I already have plans for. I'll try and keep a web site up about the Haven build for anyone interested. Unlike the "Leah Gent" which was a plywood hull the Haven will be built over frames with either strip planks or cold molded or some of each. I made Martyn promise me that we will take the finished boat to the Georgetown Boat show to see how she fairs against the competition when we get her built. Stay tuned!! Update 01/04/10: Well a long time has passed since I wrote this web page. We still get a lot of interest in our boat and travels. The boat is currently on the Erie Canal behind the Rivers Edge Mansion Bed and Breakfast. Say hi to Cindy, the new owner if you happen to see her. Robin and Warren, the third owners, are currently in Turkey having their new Deisel Duck built. It's a really nice seaworthy boat. They decided after cruising the Leah Gent, renamed "Pepi" that they liked the lifestyle and are off on their next adventure. Link to their page below. Update 6/07:Click here to read Warren and Robin's web site. They are starting their year long adventure in July 07'

Travel Section Updated 5/18/05
Our year long cruise of the east coast of the US is done. See the travel section to read about our adventure.

Welcome to Brad's Boat Page. Located between Lenoir and Blowing Rock, North Carolina,  we are currently building a 39' Sharpie Riverboat design by Mark Van Abbema. After looking at several designs on paper and a visit to Mark's boat, Heart of Gold II, we decided to build the Mark V-39. The boat is a Sharpie design in the style of the riverboats from the 1900's. The shallow draft (11") and interior room are the qualities that sold us on this design.  I try to update the web page every Monday if we make any progress during the week.

You can take a look at Mark's page by clicking on the link to see the construction on his boat as he built it. He ended up with a great boat and is off cruising. We caught up with him in Florida but he might be anywhere.

You can contact Brad Indicott 
at    indicott@bellsouth.net    if you have any questions or coments about my boat.  We love getting mail about the boat. It keeps us going!! Even though we are done cruising (for now)we will still be happy to answer any questions you have.

You can check out the building of our boat by clicking on the tabs at the top or find out about our year long cruise after we finished building by clicking on the "travels" button. We hope you enjoy our journey as much as we have. .

That's our finished boat in the top picture.   The next picture is Mark's boat in Ft. Meyers Beach harbor.  Check the links above to see the construction process and lots of pictures.

In the water, finally


This is a link to Mark's page.

This is a picture of our dining booth and galley

Our boat now has a name. She will be called the "Leah Gent" , after my Grandmother who spent a lot of time in boats back in the 1940's.